Party of Three

#parenting: We talk more about Jesus during hair brushing than any other part of the day. We also talk about, “for the love of God.”

#talkingaboutschool: “Tell me about this work you did.” “It says hundreds, tens, and ones. And look, what’s this little squiggly over here? (she giggles).” “It’s a EYEBALL!! Hahahaha!”

#teachinghardthings: “Lily, Daddy has been feeling extra grouchy lately.” “Why?” “Because sadness is at his console.” “How come sadness is at Daddy’s console?” “Because Grandpa’s body is really tired and that makes Daddy feel sad. We need to give Daddy extra hugs and kisses okay.” “Okay Mommy.”

#marriage: “Hey.” “Hi.” “How are you.” “Tired. How are you.” “Exhausted.” *PAUSE* “Okay, so today-” “No wait, I need to get it out first-can I go first this time.” “Okay but I have so much to talk about also. Alright go first. I’ll write my stuff down real quick so I don’t forget. You ready?” “Yeah go ahead. Wait! I just need to pee. And finish this muffin. Can you hear me from in here?”

#spirituality: Walking through the bookstore, “Hey Mommy! (she hushes and points) Who’s that?” I look over, “You know who that is.” “Yeah,” she replies with confidence, “It’s the Buddha!!” (Three nearby moms look over at me). I smile.



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