Work it, Mama

Signs you finally work long enough hours to miss your sassy 4 year old-

1). While at work you see kids are crafting letters to their parents, you consider cutting out a heart and writing “I love you Lily” in red crayon and glitter.

2). When you miss the way her head smells. And she’s almost five.

3). When you walk in the door at night and the embrace is so dramatic it could be the backdrop to 80% of country songs.

4). She tears up when you tell her how much you missed her. And she asks what you did today.

5). When she sits on you and you hold her tighter instead of clammoring for space.

6). When you see another kiddo wearing an outfit and you ask her if her mom got it at target. And “recently? do you know by chance?”

7). When you get home and ask where “the baby is” and you find out she’s with Grandma and you want to go get her.

8). When you haven’t styled her hair in weeks because you leave long before she wakes up. And you’re craving braids.

9). When you both just need to embrace at random times, like at Target, reaching over the layers of stuff in the shopping cart.

10). When she sees you and she can’t get out of her car seat fast enough to get in your arms.

11). When you just hold her and smell her head. And she tries to get away and you hear yourself say, “No but just let me love you!”

12). When a kiddo at work falls into your arms in tears, telling you she misses her mama, and you start tearing up and tell her, “I miss my baby girl too.”



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