Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Aren’t we sometimes super cute
In our hoodie bath towel with ears?
Smelling sweet like soap and fresh clean skin
Before soaking your shirt with tears.

You know those times
We seem just fine at the table with our cup
Then you hand us a broken cracker
And we toss the whole tray up?

Or when the teacher calls from school
To say we’ve had a day
And when you get there to pick us up
Their arms are folded in dismay.

We The Kids are little people
Everything matters to us.
We don’t know how to tell you but
Some things make us nuts.

It’s not that we don’t want to sit
And follow your directions,
It’s sometimes we have busy minds
And that’s not at our discretion.

The things we do might make no sense
And they maybe make you mad,
But know we’re trying to say something
Because inside we feel bad.

Sometimes sounds are just too loud
And clothes are just too scratchy
But mom, I’m two, I don’t know how
To say “This makes me batty.”

Sometimes things that seem fine to you
Might make us really scared
Like new classrooms or potties or aero planes
Or when our toys get “shared.”

We see the world in different ways
You used to too, you don’t remember
A long open hallway is a place to run
And every present is ours in December.

All we ask is you take a breath
And stop and try and think
“What might be going on with my sweetie pie here
That made her climb the sink?”

We need help understanding
All the ins, outs, ups, and downs
Of this great earth that we live upon
And our smiles and frowns.

So the next time you aren’t sure
Why there are ponies in the sink
Stop and consider for a moment
That they maybe need a drink.


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