We’re the Kids and We’ve Got You

We are The Kids and We’ve Got You

Some of us are still in tummies,
Some of us are still on boppies,
Some of us are super crawling,
Lots of us are super falling.

Some of us are trying new foods,
Some of us are being rude.
Some of us are laughing with Grandpa,
Some of us are baking with Grandma.

Some of us are going to school,
Some of us are seeing that boys drool.
Some of us are learning our letters.
Some of us think your socks should smell better.

All of us are leaping stronger.
All of us are getting taller.
All of us are learning things.
All of us are growing wings.

We know you worry
We know you care.
We know you think
We’re not all there.

You know life’s good,
You know life’s hard.
We know you’re strong,
We know you’re smart.

So all we ask,
And all we need
Is a place to land
And crops to seed.
A heart that’s true
And arms so thick
To wrap us warm
When we get sick.
So trust our words,
And hear our wishes.
We are a lot more steady
Than a sea of fishes.

You can do this,
You can know
That all you do
Will help us grow.

So call a friend
When you need a few.
Cause we’re The Kids
And we’ve got you.


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