How to Adult: A Primer

I’ve so far lived a fairly decent enough amount of time that I feel I can make a few proclamations about life lessons that we learn that catapult us forward. 

1). When in doubt, say yes.

2). Take the chance. Every time. 

3). Your inner voice stays mostly the same throughout your life. When you go through the questioning phase, ride it out. You’ll come back to center. It’s the process.

4). You’ll come to a point where who you are will suddenly become your worst enemy. Congratulations. You’re almost to the other side. Keep pushing forward. Once you’ve passed through and have embraced your truest and purest self, you’ll see what I mean.

5). Stay congruent. Notice when you aren’t. Ask yourself why. 

6). Your parents made mistakes. So will you. Some are much more insanely intense than others. Peace and forgiveneness is entirely up to you.

7). Everyone thinks they’re crazy. I’ve yet to have a real conversation with anyone that hasn’t ended up there. Welcome to truth-telling. You’re in good company.

8). Long car rides build relationships. 

9). Sometimes you’ll be embarrassed, mortified, or terribly ashamed. Give yourself permission to forgive those moments. 

10). Whenever you’re insanely afraid, you’re moving toward freedom. Go right at fear. Turn around and stare it down. It’s just one small but loud and extremely fussy piece of who you are. It can be placed into a tiny and magical little icebox, once you honestly know why it’s there. 


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