If Our 70’s Moms Had Mommy Blogged

A long, long time ago in nineteen seventy something, I was born. It was a decade of long, parted hair, bell bottom pants, and camping. My mom, I assume, had to rely on the wisdom of her sisters and her friends, when it came to parenting. There was no internet for them to commiserate on, no social media for them to outdo one another with. Just good, old-fashioned handling your stuff like an adult. But that’s got me thinking.

What would the 1970 something mommy blogs have looked like?

1). I was ironing my hair and the baby woke up screaming! Ugh. I propped the bottle up with my foot and I got the hair done.

2). I think some green stuff just fell into the lasagna. At least she’ll sleep well tonight.

3). Just finished telling my four year old daughter all about menstruation. Equal rights for women!

4). We’re off to go camping for six weeks! Time to get back to nature and bathe the baby in the creek. Catch you on the flip side?

5). The baby just took a dive off the back seat onto the floor of the station wagon. Does anyone know how to fix a bloody nose?

6). My mother in law just suggested I serve homemade apple pie instead of jello molds at thanksgiving.

7). Oh don’t worry, just send the baby up to the grocery store to pick up milk.

8). Gotta do the dishes so i can give baby girl a bath in the kitchen sink. #70smomproblems

9). Thirsty? Go fill up this bottle halfway with water from the hose. I’ll add the formula when you cruise back over here along the bushes.

10. My husband is late coming home from work again. Time for 1000 piece puzzle and chill.

Ah! Just kidding! I love you mama!! Seriously though, thanks for seventies openness and making me feel like I could accomplish well, anything.


5 thoughts on “If Our 70’s Moms Had Mommy Blogged

    1. You were my mama role model. You talked to me until I was blue in the face, and I have done the same to grandbaby. I love that 70’s parenting was and is still somehow my guide.


    1. My husband actually said recently you know, that probably would’ve been way easier when little one was a baby. No leaning down over the tub. But I can’t see putting her where the taco meat and sour cream just was? Lol. But, as we say, we survived.

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