Robert Downey Jr. Reasons

Alright, look. You all mostly know I have a Robert Downey Jr. thing. And it’s for a lot of reasons. Real reasons and then just for fun reasons. 

But let me say this first- I started, like most of us, with Ironman. And then I heard the cries from people saying, “Come on, he has other stuff. By God- watch the other stuff too.”

So that’s what I’ve been doing. To get a well-balanced assessment. So, of the ones I’ve seen so far (Marvel excluded only because they’re obviously on my list), these are the RDJ movie must-sees. 

The Judge (the scenery, the story, the feels).

A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (you can feel the pain in your gut).

The Soloist (oh man, so good. So social workish. Such a diversion for him). 

Two Girls and a Guy (just for fun and he sings).

Home for the Holidays (even though it was his mighty fall, this movie is fantastic, family dynamics galore).

Less Than Zero (but only once, because feelings).

Due Date!! (And FYI, I had to watch this more than once to get past my irritation. Once I got past that, EPIC).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (oh so good. Val Kilmer puts him in his place so many times in this movie, it’s glorious).

Sherlock Holmes! (Oh the scenery and the costumes and the sass).

Chaplin! (Didn’t like it the first time, now I’m in love with it. So. Many. Layers). 

Restoration (believe it or not! Fascinating from a historical perspective).

Charlie Bartlett (so good. He’s the grown up in the teen angst movie and yet, we still get to see his lovable adult angst). 

Alright now, pictures that help sum up why I adore him.  




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