Wait, Pre-K Leads to Kinder.

Today was the Thanksgiving picnic on the playground at school. Lily chirped around happily, swinging by us for one quick bite, and then back to the swing set again; repeatedly. The weather was great and the ambiance relaxing, so my mind did what it does when the world stops spinning- it gets slow and thoughtful.

Slow and thoughtful thinking on the playground led to a few fluttering realizations.

1). Look at all these cute kids. This school has the cutest little ones on earth! They are all flooding around me! I love this age.

2). Awww look at that little toddler! She looks just like Lily did. Little wobbly legs.

3). All the rest of these cute kids are about the same size as she is.

4). Oh no. We’re almost done here. 

5). Oh no. Don’t go.


2 thoughts on “Wait, Pre-K Leads to Kinder.

    1. I always say I feel like time has gone slowly with her, but I think that’s because we’re still so much in the trenches. I literally couldn’t stop tearing up today. It’s like once you open that can of worm they all come out.


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