Paper (Half Shirt) Gowns

This afternoon I received a rather alarming text message from a cousin of mine.

I am sitting in the doctor’s office… Wearing a paper gown… That’s a half shirt. It’s a half shirt. And I’m freezing.

After a few texts back and forth of omg lol omg, I learn that the paper half shirt is pink. They’ve really got their hands on what matters.

She continues, I’m freezing cold in a pink paper half shirt, about to meet a doctor I’ve never met before; Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m naked.

We agree this is hilarious but also, appalling. I’m going to write them a letter! She says finally. I’m going to tell them this is not how you treat people!

I agree. Why don’t you go ahead and get started? You’ve got time. You’ve got paper. 

We snort laughed via text and she made it through (I think) but it really does beg the question- is this how we treat people? How much more demeaning can we possibly get? There have got to be small changes that can be made. Thoughtfulness. Decency. 

Because I can’t remember the last time I met someone for the first time, naked. 

Because, never. 


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