If Chewbacca exists, this is my Marriage

Craig says, “So I was talking to the Star Wars guy (move on) about how there is some print of Chewbacca that people are trying to say is actually of an Ewok.” 

I get up from the couch and grab a pillow. “Hold on. If we’re gonna talk about Chewbacca, I need to lay my head down on something. Okay I’m ready, go ahead.”

So he starts to talk again and I said, “But wait. How do you even confuse the two? Chewbacca is this huge-”

He says, “Exactly. See where my mind goes is that South Park episode with Johnny Cochran.” 

The Johnny Cochran Defense-

“This is Chewbacca, an 8 foot tall wookie that lives on Endor. Why would an 8 foot tall wookie want to live with Ewoks. It doesn’t make any sense. So if Chewbacca exists then you must acquit.”

“It’s definitely not an ewok.”


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